My 18 years of deep suffering from acne amazingly improved within a month of eating as advised by Dr. Buki Kogbe. Six months on, I’m amazed at the change in my personality. I feel like a new person!

33-year-old Alicia, London, U.K.

“I have suffered from type 2 diabetes mellitus for several years and was getting depressed and feeling unwell. A childhood friend suggested I tried out Dr. Buki Kogbe’s advice. Only just two weeks into my change in diet and regular exercises, my blood sugar level was nearly normal and I felt so well, I determined to keep eating as she recommended.

67-year-old Gary, New York, USA

Within 1 month of following Dr. Buki Kogbe’s recommendations, I saw and felt a tremendous improvement in my health and the way I feel. The general comments of some of my friends who were concerned about my health were, “Theo you are looking fine and well, have you got a solution to your diabetes”? After nearly fifteen years’ ordeal with several hospital admissions, I now sleep well without the aid of sedative drugs. The early morning exercise recommended by Dr. Kogbe, coupled so far with 80% adherence to selected food items and its combination for breakfast, lunch and supper, have helped me regain the lost weight gradually with near-normal blood sugar level. It’s amazing!

68-year-old Theo, Ibadan, Nigeria