Do you feel your health needs improving?

Do you realize there is a lot you can do yourself in order to get well?

Are you wondering where to start?

Is finding the best doctor for the best prescription really your only option?

Our present mind-set is to seek medical treatment for all our ailments, giving very little thought to what we can do to prevent illnesses in the first place, to maintain good health or reverse poor health.

Thanks to current health education, we have come a long way and can reduce most infections with access to clean water and by good personal hygiene. Why then do we still suffer so much ill health?What are the origins of many of our problems? Are there any solutions?

Have you been told you have cancer or diabetes? Are you aware that a change in your lifestyle will affect the outcome? Order a copy of my book and learn how to make simple changes.

With this website, I’d like to engage with you and help you discover some truths about your well-being, while examining some common misunderstandings and half truths.

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While my suggestions have produced remarkable clinical results, they must still be considered part of an on-going research and you will need to take complete responsibility for their use.

Furthermore, as a licensed health professional, I will prescribe drugs if consulted in that capacity and will refer you to other professionals when necessary.